Har du tabt din gua sha - og er den gået i stykker?

Har du tabt din gua sha - og er den gået i stykker?

Don't stress!

Instead, return it to us in exchange for a 30USD discount code to use on Calmlish.com. The discount code is valid on orders of 60USD or more.
Zero waste is something we take seriously, so we repurpose your broken Gua Sha into meditation crystals, high vibe filling for our Vintage Silk Sleep mask and bespoke jewelry in collaboration with the amazing Scandinavian artist Nordling.


Return your broken beauty tool to

Tuenvej 565 
9870 sindal
Att. Laila Eskildsen

Important! Remember to include a note with order number, email and that you wish to exchange your broken gua sha or roller for a discount code. We will send you the discount code by email.

Choose what ever shipping method is easier for you. If you choose DAO make sure you select the shipping station DagliBrugsen Mosbjerg and email care@calmlish.com. This is the only shipping station we will accept besides delivery directly to our stock address on Tuenvej 565.