How gua sha affects the loose connective tissue

One of the main reasons for the lifting effects of regular gua sha massage is because gua sha directly affects the loose connective tissue.


What is loose connective tissue?

Connective tissue contains fibroblasts which produce an extracellular matrix; a structural framework outside the cells. This is composed of water-binding substances such as hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfates (GAGS). These produce a gel, in which the fibers in the connective tissue are embedded. The tissue fibers, which are constructed of collagen and elastin, give the connective tissues mechanical durability. Connective tissue consists of elastin and collagen, which help to give skin its strength, elasticity and flexibility.


Skin nutrition for connective tissue

You can affect the overall health of your loose connective tissue through diet. Protein and vitamin C are the building blocks for healthy collagen. Supplementation with GAGS and enough water provide a healthy and hydrated loose connective tissue.

The best water for our body comes from fresh, organic vegetables, herbal teas and clean water with a little sea salt or seaweed added to it. 

In addition, you can eat bonebroth soups or hydrolyzed collagen powder along with flavonoids from e.g. rosehip powder to give the connective tissue an extra boost. 

Avoid sugar and starches as they contribute to glycation of the connective tissue which makes it rigid and inflexible.

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