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How to gua sha

We have created several tutorials that guide you to choose the right gua sha crystal for your individual needs and how to use it for different skin results.

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Flow gua sha

Drainage and relaxation of facial muscles.
This gua sha is designed for lymphatic drainage, relaxation of tense facial muscles and for stimulating facial acupressure points for increasing flow and energy to the skin.

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Glow gua sha

Instant glow and vitality.
Use the smooth side for traditional gua sha massage and lymphatic drainage and the textured side to promote glow and skin rejuvenation on areas of need like wrinkles, lines, pigmentation and scarring.

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Lift gua sha

Lifting and firming.
This gua sha has two textured sides in different sizes for skin rejuvenation and two lifting sides for firming and contouring the face.

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Shape Body gua sha

Tighten skin and reduce cellulite.
This gua sha is designed for reducing cellulite and to tighten loose skin on thighs, butt, legs, belly and arms.

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Drain Body gua sha

Fluid retention and cellulite
This is the perfect body gua sha for lymphatic drainage to reduce fluid retention, stagnation and tension trapped in the loose connective tissue.

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Glow Roller

For extra glow
Use the textured crystal end of the Glow roller for glow and rejuvenation and the smooth crystal end for lymphatic drainage and relaxation of facial muscles

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Selfcare guide

Which Gua Sha is right for me?

If you are unsure about which gua sha to choose or how often to use it, then read here

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Gua Sha guide

Let us guide you through your new favorite ritual through our video tutorials

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Which crystal is right for me?

Choose the crystal that you feel intuitively attracted to or use our crystal descriptions for guidance

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Zero waste

At Calmlish we practise zero waste from production to post consumption, meaning we have a return system where we upcycle your broken beauty tools and we use the leftover crystals from our factory’s production.

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