As far as we can track in history, people have been fascinated by the beauty of crystals. Kings and queens, princes and princesses have worn them as jewelry. Our ancestors have used stones and crystals for various purposes, for example, in the production of medicine, color, art and religious ceremonies. Today, however, there is some skepticism about crystals and their healing abilities, and many associate crystals with spirituality. But, if you dive into the science of the crystals, one will soon find out that these beautiful creations are pure natural alchemy, made in Mother Earth’s very own chemistry lab, deep inside the earth. They are created of different minerals, metals, electromagnetism, heat and pressure. This is a very long process that takes place through millions of years. Depending on what is present, different structures are formed, thus creating different types of crystals.

Each crystal releases energy and has therefore been used, through the years, to soothe imbalances in the body and mind. 

Today, scientists have revealed that the crystal ́s healing properties lie in its content of minerals. Yet, when our ancestors used crystals to soothe various physical and mental issues, they had no scientific evidence of the properties of the crystals.  Instead, they intuitively felt what the crystals represented and what they could help with. But don’t take our word for it, try it out on yourself! Hold a crystal and notice how you feel. 

Crystals are popular in skin care right now, not only because they are beautiful, but also because their subtle energy helps balance our stressed mind, which manifests itself as symptoms in our skin.

Use your intuition to choose the crystal tool that is calling you in the most, or use our quick guide to crystals below to help you decide.

Clear quartz

Pure healing for your skin. Clear quartz is the crystal of clarity, focus, personal intention and transformation.

Clear quartz is our multi purpose crystal that transforms and clarifies all skin types. Clear quartz is the ideal crystal to programme with your own unique intentions and skin wishes, and we often recommend clear quartz as our “beginner’s Gua Sha” as the energy is agreeable with all.

Clear quartz is all so ideal for the super sensitive, reactive and allergic complexions that relax with the cooling calmness of clear quartz.


Pure flow for your skin. Sodalite is a powerful stone with its deep ocean blue hue and depth. It’s a stone of communication, movement and flow.

Sodalite is wonderful for the oily, combination, puffy and congested skin types, where extra flow and movement of lymph and blood is needed.


Pure balance for your skin. Amethyst is the crystal of balance, calm and mental wellness.

Amethyst works it’s balancing magic on normal/combination skin types, but is also a calming remedy for stressed complexions with hormonal break outs along chin and neck.

Rose quartz

Pure love for your skin. Rose quartz is the crystal of love and self care. Rose quartz helps us love the skin that we are in, and that is the quickest (only!) way to heal any skin problem.

Rose quartz soothes even the most sensitive, inflamed and delicate skin types with it’s loving vibrations. Rose quartz affinity with the heart and circulatory system makes it an obvious ft for wise complexions looking for a youthful glow.


Aventurine infuses your skin with vitality and helps combination and dull skin types find their glow by moving stagnant energy from the skin.


Pure protection for your skin. Obsidian is a grounding pitch-black volcanic rock with protective and purifying qualities.

Obsidian is great for stressed and overstimulated skin types and is the to-go anti-stress rock for busy city life. If your skin needs some extra protection from pollution and stimulants, then this is the rock for you.

Rainbow fluorite

We refer to rainbow fluorite as our emotional face lift. It promotes a state of calm so that space for clarity, focus and rejuvenation can made available.

Rainbow fluorite helps stimulate skin renewal and we love to use it on fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tones and pigmentation. 


Mookaite is a deeply healing and grounding crystal that promotes an inner state of forever young at heart and mind. It's a must for all lifting facials for that reason.


Hematite is a powerful grounder that takes us away from our overactive minds and helps us ground deeply into our bodies. That's why we love using it for stressed out imbalanced skin types.