Reduce your wrinkles with Energizer

The energizer beauty tool in rose quartz boosts the energy flow to the face through stimulation of muscle points and acupressure points.

Energizer has 2 ends - a large and a small one.

  1. The small end is used to stimulate acupressure points and muscle points.
  2. The large end is used to massage facial muscles. When we massage with firm pressure, we also stimulate collagen production.

Of course, Energizer also works on tense muscles on the body or try it on reflexology points under the feet.

How to massage facial muscle points:

With the small end of the Energizer, you press the muscle point with a firm but comfortable pressure and move it in small micro circles for approx. 1 minute before moving on to the next point.

You can choose to work all muscle points in one session or simply select the points on the drawing where you feel a soreness / tension or where you have wrinkles.

How to melt away facial tension

We can have tension in all the muscles of the face, but for most of us we tend to accumulate tension between the eyebrows, in the forehead area and the jaw area. You can spot-massage these muscle tensions with the large end of the Energizer by massaging in circulating movements with firm but comfortable pressure until you feel the tension begin to release.

TIP: we love having Energizer close to the computer to relax tired eyes.

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What is a muscle points?

Each muscle has a motor point, which is the point at which the nerve enters the muscle. When these points are stimulated, a response takes place in the brain, which causes the muscle to either relax or achieve the correct degree of tension to reduce wrinkles. The in-depth point massage also stimulates local collagen production.

You can learn more about the muscle point by watching this 6 minutters video with Sally Walker. Sally is chartered Society Physiotherapist with more than 35 years experience has run her own business ‘The Goodlife’ since 1997 and works with hormone balance, physical, mental and emotional health, performance and beauty and is a Pro-Aging Expert.

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