Tone, sculpt and tighten your face naturally!

Meet Calmlish Sculpt Gua Sha®! Our long awaited new gua sha! This gua sha-baby has been in the process for over one year, starting from notepad doodles to cardbox cuttings to endless testing of crystal samples and design protection - but now it’s here!

And we are so happy with the result.

As the name suggests, Calmlish Sculpt Gua Sha® is specially designed to tone, sculpt and tighten your face naturally. For example, around your cheekbones, chin and jaw, to make your face feel more toned, lifted and tight. Or under the eyes, to reduce any mild swelling or puffiness significant.

When using Calmlish Sculpt Gua Sha® you’ll work with the fluid within the skin to contour and sculpt your face back to its youthful, toned look. Sculpt is also perfect for reducing the accumulation of lymphatic fluid as well as tension, to make your face look more toned, lifted and tight.

The 5 edges of the Calmlish Sculpt Gua Sha® each work with different techniques and areas of the face to sculpt and tone the skin:

1. The curve

Use this curve to hug each side of the eyebrow, each side of the cheekbone, and each side of the jawline to release build up tension and fluid and to tone the skin.

2. The small straight edge

With this edge you can drain away eye bags by gently placing the edge just below the eye at the inner corner of the eye and with feather-light pressure gliding the gua sha out to the outer corner of the eye. Imagine you are pulling a small water balloon under the skin. 
This edge can also be used just below the eyebrow to lift and gently stretch the eyebrow muscle. You do this by placing the edge right beneath the eye brow and gently pushing up the eyebrow muscle to stretch it in an upwards motion.

3. The textured edge

The textured edge is used for increasing flow to the skin surface to promote a healthy glow as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

4.The Sculpt edge

The Sculpt edge is placed on the backside of the gua sha. We particularly use this edge to tone and sculpt the face. This edge is also called the lymphatic drainage edge, as the warped line creates a small vacuum when pulling it gently and with feather-light pressure against the skin. This helps drain away fluid retention. Here it is important that you keep the gua sha as flat as possible on the skin, so that the edge is constantly touching the skin and making sure your pressure is light and pace is slow. Imagine you are pulling a water balloon under the skin. The lymph pathways are superficially placed right beneath the skin and if pressure is too hard, we block the lymph flow rather than draining it.

5. The long edge

Use this edge for the classic gua sha scraping technique to stretch and lift the connective tissue and thereby the skin.

You'll find the Calmlish Sculpt Gua Sha® HERE

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