Thank you for using our Glow Roller. 

The Calmlish Glow Roller is designed for glow and for relaxation of facial muscles. It's super easy to user and doesn't require any products on the skin beforehand. 
Our double ended Glow Rollers are designed for glow, facial muscle relaxation and lymphatic drainage. The rollers are very easy to use and can be used without  products. The clear quartz handle ”charges” the two crystal ends for extra crystal healing power.


  • Creates a youthful glow in the skin 
  • Hydrates skin tissue from the inside
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Minimises pore size
  • Promotes skin smoothness and even skin tone
  • Reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Improves muscle tone and lifts facial skin 
  • Removes stagnant lymphatic fluid and toxins


    All our Glow Rollers are made from high quality crystals and nickel-free metal. The Glow Rollers come in 6 different crystals: Amethyst (purple), Rose quartz (pink), Aventurine (green), Clear Quartz (transparent), Obsidian (black) and Sodalite (blue).

    Each Glow Roller have a clear quartz handle as clear quartz is used in the crystal therapy to enhance and recharge other crystals.


    Wash the roller with water and soap and dry well after every use.


    The Glow Roller is perfect in the morning for depuffing the skin. TIP: Keep it in the fridge to keep the crystals extra cool.

    However you can use the roller anytime it suits you, both with or without products. We love to have one close to the computer to relax strained eyes and tense foreheads, and close to the sofa to use it while Netflixing.

    We recommend using the Glow Roller daily  or at least 5 times a week for visible results. Remember a few minutes every day to stimulate blood- and lymph circulation is better than 30 mins. 1 a week.

    Start out slowly with 5 minutes a day and see how your skin responds. Increase up to 15 mins.

    The Glow Roller has two ends: a smooth crystal and a textured crystal.

    The textured end of the roller has tiny spikes that stimulate the deeper layers of the skin affecting both skin and fascia. The texture stimulated blood circulation
    which is responsible for rejuvenation and glow. It stimulates stagnant areas and smoothes lines, uneven skin tone and scarring.

    The smooth crystal end cools, calms, relaxes facial muscles and drains excess fluid from the face. It’s perfect for cooling down skin after having used the textured end of the roller.



    STEP 1

    Start by opening up the lymphatic flow by rolling the smal amethyst crystal along the point just below the collarbone. Roll back and forth for 1 minute. Do this on both sides.


    STEP 2

    With the textured end, roll over areas that need an extra boost of circulation and regeneration. For instance forehead lines, cheeks or old acne scaring. Use the grey arrows on the illustration for inspiration. Spend 1 minute on each area. You can roll up and down and side to side, just not in circles. NB don’t use this technique on any active skin problems like acne, sores or irritations.

    Your skin will turn slightly pink as blood flow to the area increases. If you get very red, decrease the amount of time you spend on each area. This is a sign that you have stimulated your skin more than it needs.

    STEP 3

    When you have worked on all the desired areas, use the smooth end to do a cooling lymphatic drainage of your entire face.

    Follow the blue arrows on the illustration for the lymphatic drainage.

    STEP 4
    Start by rolling 5-10 times from the point between your eyebrows up towards your hairline and all the way to the top of your head. This relaxes your nervous system.

    STEP 5
    Now roll 10-30 times from the middle of your forehead along the hairline down to the top of your ear. Repeat this working your way through your entire forehead till you reach your eyebrows (blue forehead arrows on the illustration).

    STEP 6

    Now roll 10-30 times from the middle of your nose towards and over your cheekbone all the way to your ear.

    Continue from the corner of your nose under your cheekbone towards your ear 10-30 times.

    Continue from the corner of your mouth to your ear 10-30 times.
 Continue from the middle of your chin to your ear 10-30 times.

    STEP 7

    Finish this side of your face by draining the lymphatic fluid by rolling gently from the top of your ear, where it meets your hairline, down along the side of your face all the way down the neck and collarbone. Repeat two more times. 

    This is a feather light touch and not a hard pressure.

    Continue steps 5 till 9 on the other side of your face.

    Splash ice cold water on your face or roll an ice cube all over your skin and neck and finish with your favorite serum, cream or face balm.


    At Calmlish we practise zero waste from production to post consumption, meaning we have a return system where we upcycle your broken beauty tools and we use the leftover crystals from our factory’s production. It has taken Nature millions of years to produce each crystal, so it’s important to us that nothing is wasted.

    We repurpose the leftover crystals and broken beauty tools into earrings and rings  in collaboration with the amazing jewelry artist Nordling, some become meditation stones and others become high vibe filling in our upcycled silk eye masks.

    Our gua sha carry bags and eye mask are made in collaboration with the sustainable clothing brand Sissel Edelbo using the left over silk from the vintage silk sari clothing production.

    When not to use the Glow Roller

    Gua Sha massage is not ideal when you have:

    • Sunburn
    • Fugus
    • Infected skin
    • Wounds
    • Damaged skin
    • Skin cancer
    • Ilness
    • Swollen lymph nodes
    • Fever

    NB: If you are in doubt, always ask your doctor. Be aware if you are taking medication, especially if it is blood thinning. If you have any type of blood disorders or have extra sensitive skin due to illness and medicine talk your doctor first.

    Can i use my Face Roller while pregnant?

    You can do Gua Sha Facials no problem, but ask your doctor first before doing Gua Sha on your body, as doing any kind of detoxifying treatments during pregnancy is your own responsibility. 

    Who is CALMLISH?

    Calmlish is a holistic and honest lifestyle brand carrying stylish products
    that promote a state of calm; a calm mind, calm body, calm skin.

    We believe in beauty rituals that create harmony through balancing the bo-
    dy’s energy systems, lymphatic system, nervous system and hormone system.

    Thus, creating a healthy foundation where beauty can manifest itself.
    We have a strong mission to create pleasurable, peaceful moments trough
    honest and stylish products you only need to buy once.