The Lift Gua Sha covers all the main Gua Sha techniques in one pretty tool. We
consider it the perfect “all in one Gua Sha” for home diy facials. It’s small, easy
and super handy to use and promotes glow and lifting to your face and neck in
just a few minutes. This Gua Sha has two textured sides in different sizes for skin
rejuvenation and two lifting sides for firming and contouring the face.


  • Creates a youthful glow in the skin 
  • Hydrates skin tissue from the inside
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Minimises pore size
  • Promotes skin smoothness and even skin tone
  • Reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Improves muscle tone and lifts facial skin 
  • Removes stagnant lymphatic fluid and toxins

    What is Gua Sha?

    Today, Gua Sha (pronounced “gwa shaa”) is one of the most popular natural face sculpting techniques in Asia and it's becoming a real rockstar in the beauty industry worldwide. 

    Gua Sha is an ancient healing technique, originating from China but also used in Japan and Korea. It is an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine, used as folk medicine in many Chinese homes. It ́s origin dates back thousands of years and involves scraping the skin to eliminate toxins, waste products, tension and pain.

    Gua means ”to scrape” and Sha means ”red spots / redness”. It is a highly effective treatment that provides immediate benefits. The tools used to scrape with, are special Gua Sha tools. In our facials, we have chosen to combine Gua Sha with crystal healing. Therefore, our Gua Sha tools are carved from genuine crystals collected all over the world. Each crystal is unique and our beauty tools will vary accordingly. Read more about the crystals here


      You should wash your Gua Sha with soap and water after each use. Crystals absorb energy so we also like to clean our Gua Sha crystal energetically with sea salt baths.

      Fill a bowl with 3dl of water and 1 tbs sea salt. Place the Gua Sha in the bowl and let it be there for up to 24 hours. If you have more than one Gua Sha crystal to clean, clean them separately, not in the same salt bath.

      You can also place your crystal Gua Sha tools in the window sill during full moon to charge them.

      Some crystals don't tolerate water, however all crystals from our selection does.

      NB the metal on our glow rollers don't tolerate salt water, so to clean them energetically you just place them on dry salt for up to 24 hours.



      It's important you use an oil appropriate for your skintype or a balm.

      There are no rules for how often you need to use your Gua Sha. However for visible results, we recommend you start by doing Gua Sha 5 times a week. Once you have your desired results you can maintain them by doing Gua Sha 3 times a week or as needed.

      Lift Gua Sha guide

      1) Heart shape
      The heart shaped side is for muscle relaxations, lifting and lymphatic drainage.

      2) Small ridges
      Side 2 is for erasing fine lines on lips and around the eyes (crows' feet)

      3) Teeth
      Side 3 is for reducing fine and deeper lines and wrinkles, scars and pigmentation. Side 3 is perfect for plumping lips too.

      4) The short side
      The short side is for lifting and contouring. Try this side for lifting under the brows and sculpting cheekbones. It also works well for gentle lymphatic drainage around the eyes.

      5) The long, smooth side
      The long, smooth side of the Gua Sha is for lymphatic drainage and lifting.


      Start by applying your favorite face balm or face oil on clean skin. Take a moment to check in with yourself, let your breathing become deep and calm and do a few neck rolls to release tension in neck and shoulders. This helps the lymph fluid flow more easily and enhances the effects of the treatment.

      This is a long facial but a few minutes a day is better than 30 mins once a week, so it's totally fine to break down the facial into smaller bits and focus only on the areas you need.



      Åben Lymfepunktet

      STEP 1
      Start at the collarbone by gently gliding the long side of the Gua Sha back and forth along the bone. TIP: The arch snugs perfectly around the collarbone. Repeat this movement 5 times on each side of the collarbone.

      STEP 2
      Place the arch on each side of the earlobe touching the skin under the earlobe and neck and do 5 gentle pumps by moving the Gua Sha up and down to promote lymphatic drainage. Imagine creating downwards waves down the neck.

      STEP 3
      Now place the long, smooth side of the Gua Sha and glide all the way from the earlobe down the neck till you reach the collarbone. Repeat 3-5 times with a feather light pressure and slow tempo. If you have neck tension, use side 4 and skrabe up and down the neck to release tension.





      TRIN 1
      Place the long side of the Gua Sha on the collarbone and glide up the neck towards the jawline with light pressure. If you have loose skin or lines on your neck, use side 4 and and glide up and down with light pressure to improve cirkulation.

      TRIN 2
      Place the arch of the Gua Sha on each side of the jawline, hugging the jawline, Glide from the middle of the chin towards the jawline till you each the earlobe. Repeat 10 times with medium pressure.

      TRIN 3
      Use the long the side of the Gua Sha and glide from the middle of the chin towards the earlobe. Make sure the gua sha covers all of the lower part of the face. Repeat 10 times. If you jaw tension, use side 4 and move the Gua Sha up and down the chewing muscle with medium to firm pressure until you feel the muscle relaxing.

      TRIN 4
      To reduce marionet lines use side 4 and move it briskly and lightly across the lines to improve circulation. Use the other hand to stretch the skin, so you don't move it back and forth.


      STEP 5
      Place side 4 of the Gua Sha under the cheekbone and glide towards the ear. This area can be a little sore. Use a medium pressure and repeat 10 times.

      STEP 6
      Place the long side of the Gua Sha on the marionet line between nose and mouth, make sure the Gua Sha is as flat as possible. Now glide up towards and over the cheekbone, continue to the temple and end by the hairline. This movement will lift the entire cheek area and give the marionet line a good stretch. Repeat 10 times or more till you see an effectk. Performing this slowly generally is more effective.

      STEP 7
      Place the long side of the Gua Sha on the cheekbone and glide from the center of the nose towards the temples. Repeat 10 times with medium pressure.

      STEP 8
      Use the short side of the Gua Sha to glide feather light under the eye towards the temples. Repeat 10 times.


      STEP 1
      Place the long side of the Gua Sha to cover the brow and lift by slow gliding the Gua Sha from right under the brow and up towards the hairline. Repeat 10 times with medium pressure. The more flat you can have the gua sha, the better. 

      STEP 2
      If you have crows' feet, use side 4 in gentle, brisk and light movements across the lines. Make sure you don't move the skin back and forth but rather stimulate the skin surface. Hold the skin tight with your other hand.

      STEP 3
      Use one of the heart "bows" of the Gua Sha or the short end with a feather light pressure around and below the eye, from other corner of the eye towards the inner corner, continue over the eye lidt and stop when you each the outer corner of the eye again. Repeat 10 circles around the eyes. 

      STEP 4
      When treating the forehead, you start between your brows and glide the Gua Sha up towards the hairline with side 4 of the Gua Sha. Repeat 10 times with medium pressure.

      STEP 5
      Turn side 4 and now glide back and forth or up and down the entire forehead, spending more time on tense areas. If you carry tension between the brows you can use the short side of the gua sha with medium to firm pressure to relax the muscle.


      STEP 6
      Always complete your Gua Sha Facial with a light lymphatic drainage. The Gua Sha should be as flat as possible on the skin and the pressure is feather light and tempo is slow. If you press too hard you block the lymph fluid. Start from the middle of the forehead and glide the long side of the Gua Sha lightly and slowly towards the upper part of your ear.

      STEP 7
      Glide the long side of the Gua Sha from the nose towards the middle point of the ear.

      STEP 8
      Glide the Gua Sha from the middle of the chin towards the lower part of the ear. Repeat 5-10 times.

      STEP 9
      Glide the Gua Sha from below the ear all the way down the neck to the collar bone. Repeat 3-5 times. You can perform the same motion starting from behind the ear to further stimulate lymphatic flow.


      STEP 10
      Reduce fine lines on the upper lips and plump lips naturally by using the side 3 and 4. Use side 3 in small, brisk and light movements along the edge of the upper lip.
      Use side 4 in small brisk and light movements along the edge of the lips for a few minutes, then move directly on the lips and do the same movements for a few minutes. You'll feel a tingling sensation which is what you want.

      Zero Waste

      At Calmlish we practise zero waste from production to post consumption, meaning we have a return system where we upcycle your broken beauty tools and we use the leftover crystals from our factory’s production. It has taken Nature millions of years to produce each crystal, so it’s important to us that nothing is wasted.

      We repurpose the leftover crystals and broken beauty tools into earrings and rings  in collaboration with the amazing jewelry artist Nordling, some become meditation stones and others become high vibe filling in our upcycled silk eye masks.

      Our gua sha carry bags and eye mask are made in collaboration with the sustainable clothing brand Sissel Edelbo using the left over silk from the vintage silk sari clothing production.

      When not to Gua Sha

      Gua Sha massage is not ideal when you have:

      • Sunburn
      • Fugus
      • Infected skin
      • Wounds
      • Damaged skin
      • Skin cancer
      • Ilness
      • Swollen lymph nodes
      • Fever

      NB: If you are in doubt, always ask your doctor. Be aware if you are taking medication, especially if it is blood thinning. If you have any type of blood disorders or have extra sensitive skin due to illness and medicine talk your doctor first.

      Can I use my Gua Sha while pregnant?

      You can do Gua Sha Facials no problem, but ask your doctor first before doing Gua Sha on your body, as doing any kind of detoxifying treatments during pregnancy is your own responsibility. 

      Who is CALMLISH?

      Calmlish is a holistic and honest lifestyle brand carrying stylish products
      that promote a state of calm; a calm mind, calm body, calm skin.

      We believe in beauty rituals that create harmony through balancing the body’s energy systems, lymphatic system, nervous system and hormone system.

      Thus, creating a healthy foundation where beauty can manifest itself.
      We have a strong mission to create pleasurable, peaceful moments trough
      honest and stylish products you only need to buy once.