Drain body gua sha  Sodalite
Drain body gua sha  Sodalite
Drain body gua sha  Sodalite
Drain body gua sha  Sodalite
Drain body gua sha  Sodalite
Drain body gua sha  Sodalite

Drain body gua sha Sodalite

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Our Drain Body Gua Sha is specially designed for targeting cellulite on legs, thighs and arms.

We have chosen to use blue sodalite for this gua sha as it has a natural affinity with the lymphatic system and helps promote flow in stagnant areas of the body.
This is a heavy stone, so you do not have to put as much pressure into your massage as the crystal does the hard work for you.

Sodalite is also a crystal that strengthens your personal expression and helps to move anger and repressed emotions up to the surface and out of the fascia tissues. Anger often plays a major role in cellulite development.

Please note that all our crystals are unique and therefore there will be variations in colour, shape, structure, surface etc

Gua Sha [pronounced “gwa shaa”] is an ancient Chinese healing and beauty tool specifically designed for the face and cellulite-prone areas on the body. 

Gua means to scrape and Sha means red spots/redness. The scraping technique involves scraping the skin to release toxins, waste products, tension, and pain from the body. It is a highly effective treatment with immediate results and long-term benefits. 

- Gives the skin a youthful glow

- Hydrates from the inside out 

- Reduces wrinkles 

- Minimizes pore size 

- Evens out skin tone and boots smooth skin 

- Reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes 

- Improves muscle tone and tightens the skin 

- Removes stagnant lymphatic fluid and build up

Drain Body Gua Sha Guide - Klick here

Drain body gua sha

1) Waves
Smoothes adhesions in the deeper layers of fascia. Used for cellulite type 4. We recommend you wait 4 weeks before using this technique to avoid too many bruises in the beginning.

2) The tip
Used for digging into bound up areas of fascia (type 4). Dig into the tissue with small up and down movements and firm pressure to release adhesions and restricted fascia. 

3) Smooth side 
Used for the classic gua sha scraping technique and lymphatic drainage.


It is important that you use a faceoil or a facebalm when doing your gua sha massage.

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