Flow gua sha Aventurine
Flow gua sha Aventurine
Flow gua sha Aventurine
Flow gua sha Aventurine

Flow gua sha Aventurine

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We designed this gua sha shape back in 2016 for the purpose of facial reflexology, fascia release, classic TCM gua sha techniques and lymphatic drainage, while at the same time infusing the skin with skintype specific crystal energies.

Skin benefits include: noticeable glow and luster after just one time use, calming of "skin-inflammation", less visible pores, a more sculpted and lifted face, improved skin texture and skin tone, less puffiness and fluid build up.

Aventurine infuses your skin with vitality and helps combination skin types and their glow by moving stagnant energy from the skin.

Please note that all our crystals are unique and therefore there will be variations in colour, shape, structure, surface etc

Gua Sha [pronounced “gwa shaa”] is an ancient Chinese healing and beauty tool specifically designed for the face and cellulite-prone areas on the body. 

Gua means to scrape and Sha means red spots/redness. The scraping technique involves scraping the skin to release toxins, waste products, tension, and pain from the body. It is a highly effective treatment with immediate results and long-term benefits. 

- Gives the skin a youthful glow

- Hydrates from the inside out 

- Reduces wrinkles 

- Minimizes pore size 

- Evens out skin tone and boots smooth skin 

- Reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes 

- Improves muscle tone and tightens the skin 

- Removes stagnant lymphatic fluid and build up

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FLow Gua sha

1) The long side 
The side of the Gua Sha is for lymphatic drainage and lifting

2) The head
The head of the Gua Sha is for relaxation of muscle tension and lymphatic drainage around the eyes

3) The tale
The tale of the Gua Sha is for sculpting the jaw line, cheek bones and brows. The points of the tale is for acupressure and wrinkle erasing using tiny zig zag motions to stimulate blood circulation and skin renewal.


It is important that you use a faceoil or a facebalm when doing your gua sha massage.

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