Lift & Glow Kit - Zero Waste Edition - Rainbow Flourit/Amethyst

Lift & Glow Kit - Zero Waste Edition - Rainbow Flourit/Amethyst

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At Calmlish we practise zero waste from production to post consumption and therefore we offer a zero waste edition at reduced price. Our zero zaste editions means that the crystals can have small scratches and/or colour variations. 


Our Lift series is for the gua sha facial professional or the advantaged gua sha enthusiast. The different shapes and angles fits the different gua sha facial tutorials from our book.

This Glow Gua Sha is made from rainbow fluorite which is a wild stone to work with. The crystal varies in color, ranging from purple to blue and green and in very few of them, beautiful golden brown streakes. The colors can range from dark midnight hues to delicately transparent pastels.

Write your colour wishes in the comments section in check out, and we’ll do our very best to find your dream gua sha for you.

Rainbow fluorite is a cooling crystal and is used in crystal therapy for hot and inflamed skin conditions and pigmentation. Rainbow fluorite is the perfect summer crystal for sun burned skin.


Our double ended Glow Rollers are designed for glow, facial muscle relaxation and lymphatic drainage.

The textured end stimulates stagnant areas and smoothes lines, uneven skintone and scarring.
The smooth crystal end cools, calms, relaxes facial muscles and drains excess fluid from the face.
The clear quartz handle "charges" the two crystal ends for extra crystal healing power.

Pure balance for your skin. Amethyst is the crystal of balance, calm and mental wellness. 

Amethyst works it’s balancing magic on normal/combination skin types, but is also a calming remedy for stressed complexions with hormonal break outs along chin and neck.

Please note that all our crystals are unique and therefore there will be variations in colour, shape, structure, surface etc