Autumn skincare with 3 skin boosters

For most of us, the transition into autumn means dry and dehydrated skin. Especially after a summer filled with sun and sea salt. In this blog you’ll get our 3 favorite skin boosters to gently transition your skin into autumn.

Butters and balms

As the temperature drops outside, it’s time to bring out the equivalent of a comfy sweater for your skin - shea butter!

Shea butter has emollient, nourishing, anti-inflammatory and skin repairing properties and is amazing for soothing, protecting and repairing a stressed out skin barrier.

The skin barrier is an active part of your immune system, and helps your skin stay resilient against spots and breaks out, as well as it helps seal in moisture, so your skin doesn’t dry out. 

Shea butter contains phytosterols that not only improves the barrier function of the skin but also stimulates the microcirculation in the skin. This combination promotes a natural healthy glow and pairs perfectly with gua sha massage to keep the skin plump, hydrated and glowing.

Shea butter forms the base of our Gua Sha Facebalm 01 and Facebalm Co-Lab (with sea buckthorn) together with kokum butter to ensure 24 hours of hydration and skin barrier repair. Both balms also contain;

  • squalane, which improves skin hydrating
  • inca inchi oil which balances with it’s content of omega 3 and 6
  • ricinus oil which strengthens the skin.

Both facebalms are suitable for all skin types but the Facebalm co-lab is particularly great for sensitive/combination/oily skin types. You'll find the balms HERE.

Facebalms can easily replace your normal moisturizer during autumn and winter to give your skin extra protection from the cold. Use morning and night as you would with your normal moisturizer. Read more about using facebalm on the blog HERE.

Sea buckthorn and orange fruit and veggies

Orange coloured fruit and veggies, particularly sea buckthorn berries contain carotenoids which help calm and repair irritated and sensitive skin as well as repair sun damage and improve pigmentation.

  • 100g of sea buckthorn berries contains
  • 695 mg of vitamin C and
  • 60 mg of carotenoids (which are converted to vitamin A as needed)
  • 180mg of vitamin E
  • omega 7. Omega 7 helps heal dry skin like no other.

All of these are “skin essential” vitamins and fatty acids, which strengthen, build and protect the skin against premature aging and sun damage. No wonder sea buckthorn is a skin favorite when it comes to superfoods for skin conditions such as redness, broken blood vessels, and dry itchy skin.

Sea buckthorn berries have a refreshing sour and passionfruit-like taste and are great in smoothies and juices with carrots, ginger and turmeric. You can buy them frozen in most supermarkets.

Calmlish sea buckthorn oil is also great added to skin care to protect and repair your skin from the outside. Add 1 drop of sea buckthorn oil to your moisturizer/our Facebalm 01 or use our Facebalm co-lab with sea buckthorn morning and night.

Silica / Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth/Silica is one of our go-to supplements when it comes to dry and dehydrated skin. It is essential for our skin cells to bind sufficiently with water and therefore plays a crucial role in the elasticity of the skin and the moisture level of the connective tissue. Silica can actually bind its own weight in water 300 times!

Silica / Diatomaceous earth ensures that the connective tissue remains supple, hydrated and elastic, which is important for everything from wrinkles to cellulite

The easiest and cheapest way to get enough Diatomaceous earth is through the dietary supplement Diatomaceous earth/silica, you can buy it online. Drink 1 tablespoon daily in a large glass of water. You can start to see and feel the difference after 1-3 months depending on age.

WARNING: Please note that there are two kinds of silica / Diatomaceous Earth, one you use in the pool which is very toxic and another which is food grade. MAKE SURE that you buy only the food grade version from the health food shop.

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